severed finger sugar cookies

I'm a little late for Halloween, but last year I made these cookies and followed this spooky Betty Crocker recipe for severed finger sugar cookies. Absolutely spooky.

Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is filled with little hidden treasures once you look past the national landmarks and monuments set up in the city center. KY and I decided to go on a quick weekend getaway to explore, eat and soak up some culture.

Excerpt from my journal (which, yes, I do still keep as a 22 year old...):

Washington DC with Pawn was SUPERFUN!
We roadtripped...(KY drove. I slept!)
The first night we stayed at the Marriott in Virginia. Ate the most delicious pizza I've ever had and had a mini-party by ourselves.

The next day...we went to ALL OF THE SMITHSONIANS, relived our childhooods, sat on the National Mall and ate froyo and $18 halal (and I didn't even get the right order). We took pictures, hung out with butterflies and walked til our legs were going to fall off. We had dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill. It was awesome.

On Sunday, we went to Georgetown to have brunch at Kafe Leopold. It was chilly and we sat outside. Food was good though! The outdoor heat lamp wasn't working and a neighboring patron smelled gas and helped us.

After, we drove to Old Alexandria, walked along the piers and we tried to go to Torpedo Factory Art Center, but it was closed. :( We went to eat at Daniel O' Connells for lunch and sat on the roof terrace then we had old fashioned ice cream. 

There was a lot of traffic on the way back to NYC so we stopped in Baltimore to have dinner. We ate at LP steamers. Good old fashioned DIY crabs.

And to wrap it all up...a video review of our trip!

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sea of voices

(sweater - Necessary Clothing // jeggings - Hollister Co // boots - Steve Madden)
(Sally Hansen "In a Flash" & Formula X for Sephora "Wham!")
It's been more than a year. My apologies.

Time flies and sooner or later you're wrapped up in a whirlwind of daily errands, obligations and promises that you never intended to keep.

We stumbled onto the beach this weekend, enjoying a childish moment of freedom in the midst of our busy lives. It was so calming to be here when the weather was perfect, the wind whipping through our hair, and barely another soul in sight.

Kevin and I were caught by surprise with how quickly the waves decided to crash upon us. I didn't notice since my feet were safely covered in my shoes. Special shoutout to my brother and his girlfriend for accompanying us and capturing the priceless moments. They reminded us of how to enjoy the moment and just have fun and laugh as much as we can.

(my brother and his girlfriend)

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DKNY jacket // LF sweater // Hollister jeggings // UO loafers // HUF snapback

I love hats and mix matching prints. Backpacks are easier for carting around my schoolwork and just shoving all of my necessities into it. I forgot what it was like to wear one. The weather has gotten so much chillier at such a rapid pace that I haven't been able to prepare for it. I'm still not ready to wear a thick coat, so I'll try to bear the cold until I have to succumb to donning something heavier.

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where life takes us

 sweater, jacket, shoes - Urban Outfitters // jeans - Hollister Co.

Fall is my favorite season. Shooting with a camera again feels so foreign yet so familiar. It's like riding a bike after years of being out of practice. You're clumsy but everything just ends up falling together in the end. I opt for comfort and the easiest things to throw together in the morning. My hair is in constant disarray and life feels exactly the way my hair is -- tangled and indecisive. I've let things control me instead of the other way around. In a blink of an eye, I've turned twenty one and achieved almost none of the goals I have set up for myself. I need to reevaluate myself and recognize the things that used to make me a happier and better person. I need to find myself again. Then again, what part of life isn't a constant journey of finding your own source of fulfillment and enjoyment. The older we get, the more we lose sight of what we really wanted to take this lifetime to figure out. I wonder how many more lives I'll get to live. Let's hope I'll be smarter then.

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nostalgia's for greeks

my life has become a dull collection of quick snaps and two minute editing sessions on my iphone. i recently turned twenty one, so i can legally drink but instead i choose to sleep in my bed to catch some rest from a 40 hour work week and two 12 hour days in school. time is of the essence and i have no time. i need a change of pace in life -- a fresh breath of cold winter air.

i spend my time at festivals and shows, letting lights inspire me and letting food replenish the energy that i feel depleting quicker than a smartphone battery. have you seen these new New York IDs? they're terrible. and plastic. i'm sure i'll break it within a year.

i hand painted and stenciled wooden greek letters. that was fun.

i wish i had the time to really put effort and time into my photos again. like i used to. like three years ago when i started this blog. can you believe it? three years. so much (and so little) has changed. 

on a good note though, it's finally fall.
i love fall.

until next time,