DKNY jacket // LF sweater // Hollister jeggings // UO loafers // HUF snapback

I love hats and mix matching prints. Backpacks are easier for carting around my schoolwork and just shoving all of my necessities into it. I forgot what it was like to wear one. The weather has gotten so much chillier at such a rapid pace that I haven't been able to prepare for it. I'm still not ready to wear a thick coat, so I'll try to bear the cold until I have to succumb to donning something heavier.

until next time,


where life takes us

 sweater, jacket, shoes - Urban Outfitters // jeans - Hollister Co.

Fall is my favorite season. Shooting with a camera again feels so foreign yet so familiar. It's like riding a bike after years of being out of practice. You're clumsy but everything just ends up falling together in the end. I opt for comfort and the easiest things to throw together in the morning. My hair is in constant disarray and life feels exactly the way my hair is -- tangled and indecisive. I've let things control me instead of the other way around. In a blink of an eye, I've turned twenty one and achieved almost none of the goals I have set up for myself. I need to reevaluate myself and recognize the things that used to make me a happier and better person. I need to find myself again. Then again, what part of life isn't a constant journey of finding your own source of fulfillment and enjoyment. The older we get, the more we lose sight of what we really wanted to take this lifetime to figure out. I wonder how many more lives I'll get to live. Let's hope I'll be smarter then.

until next time,


nostalgia's for greeks

my life has become a dull collection of quick snaps and two minute editing sessions on my iphone. i recently turned twenty one, so i can legally drink but instead i choose to sleep in my bed to catch some rest from a 40 hour work week and two 12 hour days in school. time is of the essence and i have no time. i need a change of pace in life -- a fresh breath of cold winter air.

i spend my time at festivals and shows, letting lights inspire me and letting food replenish the energy that i feel depleting quicker than a smartphone battery. have you seen these new New York IDs? they're terrible. and plastic. i'm sure i'll break it within a year.

i hand painted and stenciled wooden greek letters. that was fun.

i wish i had the time to really put effort and time into my photos again. like i used to. like three years ago when i started this blog. can you believe it? three years. so much (and so little) has changed. 

on a good note though, it's finally fall.
i love fall.

until next time,



cropped sweater - H&M // floral highwaisted denim shorts - american apparel
vintage dress - Kookai // kneehighs - american apparel

i find it easier to document my life and my outfits through the shitty lens of my iphone.

i miss the art of setting up my camera and adjusting the settings and running around hoping the self-time doesn't go off too soon and then sitting in front of my computer and writing a blog post. but being a full-time student and working long hours at my job, i can't seem to find the time anymore. maybe once in a while.

for now, you'll all have to settle.
like i did.

until next time,


down to earth.

plaid flannel - Ralph Lauren // cotton spandex jersey crop tee - American Apparel
gold watch - Casio // easy jean - American Apparel // Throwdown wedges - Jeffrey Campbell

I am terrible at this. My apologies. The weather is cold. My lips are chapped. I just want to be warm.

until next time,


oh the desolation grows

cropped collar shirt - American Apparel // jacquard lace tee - American Apparel // chiffon skirt - American Apparel
flat edge leather belt - American Apparel // opaque pantyhose - American Apparel

An outfit for work! And then random photos through my week. I've been spending my second week of winter break just working a lot, hanging out with friends, and eating. I'm going to gain so much weight...I finally got to have dinner with my line from my sorority. It's so nice seeing sisters that joined the sorority so long ago and that they still come out and see the expansion of their families. The food at Gyu-Kaku was amazing. It was Japanese barbecue. A little expensive, but it was definitely worth it. And the drinks weren't bad either. The lychee bellini was pretty spectacular. I hope everyone is enjoying their breaks, if you have one. If not...well...I hope you guys take some well deserved vacation days. :)

until next time,


who cares?

 crop sweater - Forever 21 // light wash high waist jean - American Apparel
oversized parka - LF // leopard sneakers - Vans // kitty socks - Forever 21

I love these shoes. Seriously. I'm obsessed. And it's finals week, so any excuse to potentially dress like a boy, I'll take. And peep those socks. It's a cat face....WITH EARS. C'mon. How cute is that. Okay time to get back to studying because otherwise I'm going to fail or something like that. Don't major in accounting unless you want to sell your soul to the devil. Which is exactly why I'm changing my major.

until next time,


california dreaming

This past summer, after my summer classes, I decided to go to California in July to visit some friends...by myself. 
Here is a photo collection on my trip there. I had the time of my life and I definitely wouldn't mind moving there. 
A little late on the update, but late is better than never!

i. LGA → LAX

So I started my trip off with flying with Delta. I had a layover in Detroit but it was nothing special. My dad bought me a bunch of snacks to keep me entertained and I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so I didn't have to spend a thousand dollars on some dry nasty sandwich at the airport. It was my first time flying alone but I didn't really mind especially since my seatmates were more interested in their Kindles and taking a nap than bothering me. 


Everything seems prettier in California. And those Hi-Fi bites? Amazing. Let me not incriminate myself any further. I spend the majority of my time in Huntington and Newport, and even took a day trip to Venice Beach with my friends.

iii. tubby time.

I ate a lot there too. In-n-Out is not overrated. It's so good. It was heaven. I usually never even eat burgers. AND THOSE ANIMAL STYLE FRIESSSSSSSSSSSS. 

iv. desert trails

My friends are pretty athletic. Then again, probably because they're guys. I thought we were going to just lounge around and do nothing and waste away in the beautiful sunshine. And then they decided to make me bike with them at the Laguna Coast Wildnerness Parks. Luckily for them, I could keep up. But honestly I wanted to pass out on the side of the road and let the vultures eat my decomposing body.

v. OC Fair


 Yes. I went to a cheesy fair. Don't judge me.

vi. beach


The beaches are amazing. The waves are perfect for body boarding or surfing and the water is clear and the people are beautiful and make me want to wear a snuggie on the beach because they're that perfect.



And then to conclude my amazing stay in California, we went out on my friend's speedboat to the middle of the Laguna bay, drank, partook in more illegal festivities, saw dolphins, tanned, and rode the waves.

Photos cannot sum up how much fun that summer was. I didn't even have any crazy experiences (okay, yes I did with one situation involve police, the roof of an elementary school, and illegal substances). Everything was very low-key and enjoyable. And I got tanned like a MOFO. I'm glad I'm making this post in the middle of winter. It gives me hope that there are brighter days ahead of us unless we die because of the end of the world 12.21.12 woooooop.

until next time,